Skagit County From The Valley to the Mountains

    Skagit County, Washington, is located midway between Seattle and Vancouver, BC. Our county stretches westward toward the Pacific Ocean, ending at the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and incorporates a cluster of the world renowned San Juan Islands. To the east, Skagit County blooms with tulip fields, crosses the Skagit River, and heads toward the Cascade Mountains.

    We are historic cities and fishing villages, logging towns and bustling downtowns. We are both idyllic and industrial. We are rolling hills, snowcapped mountains, deep water ports, and bright blue oceans. Skagit County supports wild populations of snow geese, trumpeter swans, and majestic bald eagles.

    Skagit County offers an active community life boasting events and festivals year-round. We have highly rated hospitals, colleges, and schools. Should you choose Skagit County as your new home, you will enjoy ample opportunities for boating, hiking, and fishing. We are fresh crab and wild river salmon, handpicked strawberries and blueberries, handcrafted beers and wines.

    Our thriving business community has a focus on agriculture, manufacturing, aerospace, and marine. All of these industries are supported by strong training and educational facilities with a stable workforce