The Winter Season is a Great Time for Buyers

    With late fall and Winter upon us the season for the more rugged home shopper is here. While weather and the holiday season deter many buyers those with a plan and a good Realtor can take advantage of the situation. One of the important parts of the equation is staying on top of the new listings as they arrive. Home listings also typically slow during the colder months so it will be important to see the limited listing as they arrive to have the best potential of getting what you are looking for.

    Another important part of the equation is having an agent that knows what you are looking for and is familiar with the market and the homes being listed. This certainly can help save those late rainy afternoon viewings of another house that doesn’t suit your needs. The Buyers Market window often only lasts a couple months as January and February typically show a sharp uptick in sales while listings still tend to lag. So don’t be afraid of the changing weather at it could become an advantage.




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