Savvy Buyers Look Towards Teams To Serve Their Needs

    I have been asked by many people what is “The Craig McKenzie Team”? . Well the easy explanation is it is a co-operative group of independent real estates agents working together closely under a managing broker with the support of additional administrative staff.

    In case you didn’t get all that what it really means is when you work with a member of our team…you are truly getting the knowledge and support of Buyers only agents, licensed Showing Assistants, Experienced Managers and Brokers, along with backup staff to make sure there is someone always available to answers your questions or assist you. It also means we have a full time dedicated office staffed by folks who know who you are and what our team is working on for you.

    Before the “Team” concept you had to rely on one person to be able to show you and all their other clients a home , as well as, write contracts and over see closing of all of his or her clients. This often resulted in delayed responses to important questions or a delayed showing which would sometimes mean the loss of the chance at that perfect home. With our team it’s like getting 5 agents working for you together at the same time…..

    The Team concept…it’s the future of Real Estate available now with The Craig McKenzie Team…..

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