Brisk Sales Can Cause Buyer Frustration

    In a “Sellers” market it is not always about price…it is often about speed. Missing what appears to be “the perfect home” can be discouraging and lead to frustration but it can also be a valuable lesson learned and lead to a breakthrough which allows the REAL perfect home fall into the buyers lap. Often “missing” a home is about timing …it means someone presented an offer that was acceptable to the seller before you had a chance to┬ámake and offer or sometimes you get an offer in just to find out “someone else got the home”. Multiple offer situations are less than ideal and also often lead to the same disappointment until you are willing to escalate to a point which “outbids” the other buyers. The whole subject of multiple offer situations we will discuss in another blog as it is an art in itself. The concept of this particular blog is much simpler…..TIMING…….it is the key in a brisk market…be the first to see …if it is “the right home” be the first to offer before anyone else has a chance to. Make sure you understand..if this is “the home” don’t limo in and give other buyers a chance to make an offer while the seller thinks about your less than stellar presentation. Education to learn what is the right home at the right price and having an agent that is looking out for that home every day for you specifically….when you find the right agent….you will find the right home.

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